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Etienne Aigner

Down to the last stitch and smallest detail, every pair of Etienne Aigner boots and shoes stay true to the company founder's original dedication to leatherwork and craftsmanship at the highest levels of quality. They also demonstrate the Etienne Aigner brand's unique understanding of its customers, so eloquently expressed by the company: "No matter her age or stage in life, the Etienne Aigner woman possesses a timeless femininity." French designer Etienne Aigner first learned his trade crafting fine leather goods for such exalted clients as Christian Dior. Early success led him to New York, where in 1959 he opened the first boutique there under his own name. Soon, the Etienne Aigner brand bespoke the absolute finest in classic leather design for discerning women, particularly handbags and small leather goods. It was only natural that the brand would extend to women's footwear fashions, many of which discretely display the familiar Etienne Aigner initials logo in the form of a small buckle or a jacquard-print pattern.

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