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Bod & Christensen is stylish, beautiful and high quality leather and shearling outerwear perfect for the cold and snow for men and women. Bod & Christensen outerwear is a highly renowned leather manufacturer from Canada. Since they are located in Canada and deal with some of the harshest winters around, you can trust their coats for their warmth. The ability to produce a jacket or coat that is warm, well made, and fashionable is a talent that Bod & Christensen have established and forged forward to become the leader in the Canadian marketplace. Certainly, a garment which is successful in the ruthless elements of the Canadian winter would certainly be practical for the United States marketplace as well. Bod & Christensen have been manufacturing their fine leather and shearling coats for over 35 years. When it comes to style, Bod & Christensen are best known in Canada and Europe for their high end leather and shearling garments. They use only the finest quality lambskins, which result in the softest touch for both their shearling and leather garments. Their styles have a combined functionality with a flair for the hottest trends in fashion. With their experience, Canadian roots, and sense of European fashion, it has all contributed to Bod & Christensen's success.

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